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My Own Moon

I have
my own moon.
It lives between
my heart
and my freedom.

Tue, Dec 18, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

The moon is a symbol for femininity, for intuition, for creativity, and for enchantment. I wrote this for Mariela only having hung out with her a few times, not knowing her as well as after we spent a whole day just her and I, as we made this episode wandering around Roma Norte, Mexico City. It’s so interesting that I wrote it before, yet even now, I would write the same thing for her, and not just because she let me know she feels a special connection to the moon. The moon in the poem is a symbol itself, for where I was supposing her femininity, intuition, creativity, and enchantment lie. Maybe it’s because she’s a great designer, because of her yoga practice, because of her style, and the way all that mixes with her way of being. I wonder what her next poem will be once I get to know her even better. Happy Sunday everyone. xoxo ?

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