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Moving On

Mine is the way the sand is cold
the way the shape of your shadow
moves how morning begins to
seem like an end unless I
let the wilderness carve
a flood that takes what I
no longer want to hold.

Sun, May 8, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
This is Sarah, who you may or may not recognize from a previous edition of Skin on Sundays. The pandemic atrocity of poor body image has spread globally as a result of the popular and falsified representation of women in the media. A person's body image affects how they interact with the world, so poor body image is likely going to create the kind of negative energy that will eat away at a person until their inner peace has completely left the building of their soul. Sarah has struggled for years with eating disorders, which I suspect are directly related to the media's gross interpretation of the female form and what it should be. It took her a lot of courage to participate in this project; she decided to do it as a way of fighting that space of negative body image within herself. Photo taken by Candydub Media.

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