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Mouth Full of Worry

A mouth full of worry
demanded that we 
find a ship to jump from
and start again
and again
and again
as necessary.

Sun, May 26, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

I watched a TedTalk last week during one of my sleepless nights of continuous jetlag, and I think it changed my life. It was talking bout emotional hygiene and how we don’t pay enough attention to it, especially when compared to our physical/personal hygiene. Like, we brush our teeth every morning, but we don’t practice things that are good for our emotional hygiene as part of our daily routine? Society has taught us that that’s not necessary I guess, and so this learned behavior of not maintaining or even considering emotional hygiene is just how we live. And we suffer for it, and in fact, it does impact our physical health, our quality of life, our quantity of life as well (people with poor emotional hygiene die sooner!). That’s where today’s poem came from, and I thought it would resonate with Maryana, my canvas for these words in my digital observance of her before we met to create this episode.

The thing is, one of the issues that severely impacts our emotional hygiene is our propensity to RUMINATE. Rumination, thinking about something over and over, replaying it in our heads, getting caught in a negative thought loop, worrying and worrying about it, this practice does not actually do us any good. It leads to much higher risk of depression and a slew of other diseases that you can avoid by just changing the habit. Jump of the ship of rumination, and restart your brain when you find yourself thinking too much about something negative. All it takes it a two minute distraction, and the rumination essentially disappears. Of course, you do have to remind yourself, even FORCE yourself to stop worrying and rehashing, but once you do it a few times, you begin to break the habit and it becomes easier and easier. That’s one way to keep your emotional hygiene top notch so that you’re able to be your best self and share your beautiful gifts with the world, whatever those might be.

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