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Milk Drunk

For some that are milk
love is pure not luck
and feeding feed
just as free

Sun, Apr 1, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

Krysten is 31, from Houston, Texas, USA. She is my cousin, though I think of her as more a sister. We grew up together, and we have always been close, no matter the physical distance between us. This is actually her third episode here, and each of them has been centered around motherhood, the first being when she was pregnant with her first baby, the second her c-section scar, and now this one. When Krysten was in her 20s, doctors told her her chance of having kids was slim. Now that she has defied that prediction not once, but twice, it is hard to imagine her without kids. She is a natural mother. I think motherhood is her calling, and she confidently and happily defines herself in this role. Her two boys are the center of her universe. In every decision she makes, she thinks about them.

The concept behind this episode was actually Krysten’s idea. I was so happy she came up with it and wanted to do it when I was in Houston last week. Breastfeeding is a hot topic, because for some reason, people have a problem seeing breastfeeding women. They have no problem making those women feel ashamed breastfeeding their babies, wanting them to hide away while they do it. It is not at all shameful, and I am a firm proponent of breastfeeding in public. It is not offensive; on the contrary, it is a natural part of life, and how ugly of society to make breastfeeding women feel otherwise. It really is about time society gets over its over-sexualization of women’s breasts. Thank you Krysten for offering to make this episode with me, making a stand and showing support in the fight to normalize breasts and breastfeeding. Perhaps when your boys are older, the fight will be over and it will just be normal.