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Many Shapes

Nature’s shapes
are blurrier
than the ones
we have drawn.

Sun, Jul 21, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Leaves, clouds, carrots, daisies, apples, waves, raindrops, lightning, giraffes, humans. There’s a basic shape to each piece of nature, but each individual thing is inherently unique. Which is really awesome when you think about it. The things we build, however, the houses and roads and cars and skyscrapers and tables and pools with perfect squares, rectangles, octagons, ovals, circles, and such, they are more orderly, especially the more technology advances. Both can be so beautiful and can exist together in harmony.

It’s interesting to think about how humans have created a world that appears much more orderly than pure nature. I know there is order in nature too, just the same as our human world is chaotic despite the order. Some things are symmetrical, others aren’t. Some people prefer symmetry, others asymmetry. Sometimes the traffic lights don’t work. Sometimes it rains predictably through the whole rainy season. This variety is truly gorgeous. The strict shape, the blurry shapes, and all the variations, the fact that no two raindrops are identical despite all the raindrops being part of the group “raindrops.” Even identical twins aren’t exactly identical.

The human touch onto the world has created lots of lovely things to go along with the infinite loveliness that nature has provided. I know the human hand has gone too far and may very well eliminate the human species for turning Earth into an uninhabitable place for us to live, but while we’re here, in 2019, despite everything, there is so much variety and beauty all around us, we still have it. We can take a moment to feel grateful for that in the present moment. I’m going to, today, right now. Before the alien robots take over, jk, kinda.

An enormous thank you to the incredibly gifted makeup artist Erika Denis Tohe. This was a dream collab.

Also so grateful to Mariana for being such a wonderful canvas. 

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