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Love’s Absence

Is love’s absence stronger
than love itself?

Sun, Jan 27, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Friday, Jan 25, 2018 was the release party of my new poetry coloring book, Seasons of Yourself, a collaboration with a phenomenal artist Claudia Sahuquillo. To celebrate, we had a party at Porta Roja in Barcelona, and in that celebration, seeing that we are both body artists, we decided to do some live body art with volunteers at the event. This is the first one in the set. First of all, thank you so much to Anna for her bravery to unrobe at a public event, and though I wish a woman taking off her shirt didn’t require bravery, it does, and I want to recognize how bold and strong and progressive it is that she was one of the woman warriors who did it.

I wrote this poem with the color red in mind, so that there would a connection between the paint and the poetry, a way to bring everything together in synchronicity. We all go through seasons inside of us, some warm, some cold, some light, some dark, some fiery, some romantic, some in grief, hope, love, and on and on. This is one representation of a season many of us might relate to, one that brings us to the very question the poem asks. Have you ever wondered this? I wonder what the answer is. 

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