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Loveliness Bends

Let me shine 
a light straight 
through the center 
of your darkness,
just like the hole 
a dream makes
in the night, 
loveliness bends.

Sun, Feb 3, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

This is Sua Lao, the only person I’ve ever trusted to hold me upside down balanced on her feet. I don’t even know how she got me to trust her to do that, other than her powerful forces of energy transmission. It was a couple of years ago when I first went to her house and it was just going to be for some physiopoetry organizing. But suddenly, there I was, my body twisting in ways it does not usually twist, flying above the ground on the feet of this tiny Cuban-Chinese woman who I barely knew. I think it’s important to mention these two divergent roots of her heritage because her essence radiates a mix of the zen values of the East and the psycho-magic of Caribbean culture. She’s both calm and intense, flowing and sparking, letting the rhythm of tranquility and chaos in life equally guide her, move her, teach her. Maybe that’s what led her to first yoga, then acroyoga, if you’re following my line of connection there. And she is absolutely brilliant in what she does. Yoga and acroyoga practice with Sua has been different than anyone I’ve ever practiced with. She reads the energy you bring into a room and uses it to inform what your body needs. For me that has meant the tension in my shoulders and back melts away when the session is over. It means I leave with a body loose and a mind clean.

If you’re in Barcelona, she gives private sessions in a beautiful yoga room in her house, and also on her roof, where the whole city is spread out before you, from Tibidabo to the sea. Get in touch with her. Go see her. You won’t regret it. And happy Sunday everyone. I’m sending some of the magic Sua left me with straight to you.

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