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Estar Alive

Se olvida easily
tarareando through the night,
el día, the vibration
de living
sin mucho más que being alive

Being Alive

It is easily forgotten
humming through the night,
the day, the vibration
of living
without much else but being alive

Estar Viva

Se olvida fácilmente,
tarareando a través de la noche
el día, la vibración
de la vida
sin mucho más que estar viva

Sun, Feb 14, 2016 | Model info | Footnotes
Jessica is 28, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She is a person that believes in the power of beautiful things: rocks, stars, ideas, animals, sounds, water, the human psyche and all of its strange turns. And I think believing in beautiful things helps make the world more beautiful. Danie is 26, from Mexico City. She finds texture in places most of us haven't found it, adding layers to the world around us in ways she may not fully realize, far beyond the lines of fabric she sews onto photographs.