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El Gospel of Atención

To notice the smell
of agua, mar o lluvia
o saliva, es un gospel.

Sun, May 13, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes
If you can imagine what it’s like to live in a city of 22 million people (Mexico City), then go ahead and imagine it. It’s chaos. It’s beauty. It’s tragedy. It’s wealth, poverty, ignorance, brilliance, frightening, empowering, and so many other things. One of my favorite things about it is the chances involved that you meet people that you feel connected to, that you want to see again, that you want to get to know and spend time with. Let’s say in every city, in every place, 4% of the population are those people I’m speaking of. Well, in a city with more people, that just means more of those people you connect with are there. In this sea of people, Mishelle, a CDMX native, is one of my 4%. I feel so happy that our lives intersected. I originally saw her feed on Instagram and contacted her, and she agreed to meet me, and now I am really looking forward to spending more time with her. Her energy is as vibrant as this photo, and I am so happy I could make form follow function in today’s episode. She has big dreams and goals, an affinity for travel, an expansiveness that ranges widely, from artistic to practical creativity, and passion for living life to the fullest—noticing, really paying attention—to the little things in life that make her feel. I'll tell you more when I get to know her better and we do another episode.

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