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When life tattoos itself
on your body
and connects you to
the earth for another

Sun, May 7, 2017 | Model info | Footnotes
Krysten is 30, a long-time transplant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Houston Texas. This episode is special to me for a few profound reasons. May 5, 2017, just two days ago, marked the first birthday of Krysten's son Henry. Born by way of cesarean-section, born even though doctors had told Krysten the likelihood was that she would never be able to have kids, born happy and healthy and curious and beautiful, Henry came into the world and made that scar. While many women feel less attractive or less confident or just less somehow after pregnancy because of the beauty standards by which we are held up against, this scar is to Krysten what the moon is to night. Maybe before you know about it, you can live without it, but once it appears in your life, it becomes a source of light, magic, and spiritual grounding which you can't imagine not having anymore. No, she is not ashamed of her post-pregnancy body. Instead, she feels more connected to herself and the world, thus considers it a gift. It is a physical place she can rest her hand and feel the wondrousness of the universe. This episode is also special to me because it's my first chance to present a before-and-after pair of episodes. "Cicatriz" (which is the gorgeous word for scar in Spanish) is a continuance of Krysten's first appearance on Skin on Sundays, while she was pregnant with Henry, excitedly waiting to meet him.