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Breaker of Chains

I too
am a breaker
of chains.

Sun, Jun 9, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

At the beginning, when Daenerys told us she was a breaker of chains, she meant her plan was to free people from oppression and slavery. Power gets to people’s heads sometimes, and things didn’t go as planned. But for those of us in the world who that phrase felt meaningful to, we are still out here, breaking chains. This post is a reference to breaking societal chains that oppress the LGBTQ+ community by having the courage to be openly your LGBTQ+ self despite the danger and oppression that exists. If no one did, we would still be where we were 50 years ago.

Here’s some bullshit, also. It’s PRIDE month, and there is a new anti-PRIDE movement all about “straight pride.” The reason why straight pride is ALL WRONG is the same reason white pride is all wrong (even though LGBTQ+ pride and black pride and latino pride for example are completely reasonable) is because white people have not been oppressed, colonized, and outright murdered for being white. They do not have to fight for their rights, and therefore their “pride” comes across as ill-will and additional oppression. It’s like saying, “I’m straight and I’m proud of the fact that straight people get all the rights and no one else does. I’m proud of the things straight people have done to the LGBTQ+ community.” If you are proud of those things, you are a bigot. You are saying you are proud of your status as oppressor: one who wrongfully takes freedom away from innocent people. We all deserve the same rights. I am a cisgender woman in a cisnormative relationship, and I am sickened by the fact that the cis-community as a whole has been oppressive to everyone who doesn’t fit into that group. Sickened.

I am an ally to all the good people of this world, regardless of where you come from, your skin color, how you identify yourself, and who you love. I will continue to speak up and do what I can to support the LGBTQ+ community for as long as I live, in my life and in my art, including when it’s uncomfortable to do so. This is just one of many posts I will make not only for PRIDE month, but always, as an ally and as a believer that things can fucking change. They can if we keep breaking those chains.

Thank you for being unequivacally, unabashed you, Jazmin

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