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Big Goals Often Require The Suspension of Disbelief

The world can 
be saved
if you imagine
it can be saved. 

Sun, Oct 27, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

It’s so interesting to get windows inside of another person’s head. I got to spend some quality time with today’s canvas a couple of weeks ago, and, as always, there is so much more than meets the eye. Saleha is Pakistani-turned-American. She moved to California at age 12, and she’s made a beautiful and successful life for herself in Los Angeles. Plus, she’s traveled the world and lived here and there quite a bit as well. Now she’s the co-founder of RYDE, kind of like Airbnb but for your car. She’s also a writer and a big-time dreamer, with goals to transform the world into a safer and freer place for women. Her Pakistani origins have made this goal hit harder, having witnessed within the culture of her native country the kind of oppression that women experience to this day. Between obscene amounts of unregulated and  unpunished domestic violence and rape, and honor killings that continue to protect murderers with loopholes in the law, Saleha’s ultimate goal is to get to the root of why women continue to be so oppressed in the first place and truly change things. She has an actual plan begun too.

It’s a lofty goal, but I’ve seen this woman work. I’ve heard her on the phone handling business matters in her growing company with authority mixed with grace. I’ve witnessed her problem-solving swiftly and without complaining. I’ve listened to her plight of what it means to be a woman at the top of a company and the gross and disrespectful ways her male associates treat her; but she does not throw a tantrum and give up. She maintains poise knowing that her intellectual prowess will lead her to equality if she just keeps pushing forward relentlessly. That’s why I wrote this piece for her. The photo + the poem represent all that she aims to achieve. Do you see it? Do you imagine the world can be saved?

++ This episode is the collaborative work between Sylvia Kouveli + Skin on Sundays + our stunning canvas Saleha in the Moon Huts of Los Angeles, California. This is my second time collaborating with Sylvia, and I truly cannot wait until we meet again to do more in the future.