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Be Present

The past
is a lonely
to live.

Sun, Sep 1, 2019 | Model info | Footnotes

Nostalgia is dangerous. Our memories our beautiful, but it’s easy to get lost in them, losing the present moment all the while. There has to be moderation in the indulgence of nostalgia, and a healthy equilibrium will come. What we do now will become our memories, our guide. With our past experiences we form our life philosophy, and that plays an important role in looking and moving forward. But the past is all in your head, and there is no one there but you. It’s lonely. It’s unhealthy to live there, to even stay there for too long. The more you look back, the more you’ll miss the world you live in right now. Yes, learn from your successes and your mistakes, but don’t dwell. Yes, cherish the memories, but don’t build a home in a shrine. Not everything that has happened can be resolved, and those things we must let go because we can’t go back. Even if you try to go back, you’ll usually realize that it’s not the same as it used to be. It’s a futile effort and that energy could be put into something productive.

Living in the present instead of the past, you’ll have your eyes open for fully realizing and existing in what is going on right now. These too will be experiences to add to your individual collection that makes up your ever-changing self. In this realm of existence, time does not stop. Our days are numbered; wasting them by staying in your head/in the past for too long doesn’t seem like the most meaningful way to use time. Limit your overthinking. Limit your dwelling. You’ll be happier for it.

My muse for today's episode is Carmen. She is a flight attendant who contacted me to do some physiopoetry during her overnight in Mexico City. We had a lovely time both during and after the session, and she shared with me pieces of the dark and light inside her soul, some of which is reflected in this micropoem. I'm so lucky to meet such wonderful people through this project. 

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