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Autoromance II

What other people think
doesn’t matter
if you listen to these
soft words
repeat them
like clouds
floating through
your cerebral
I love myself.
I love myself.
I love myself.

Tue, Dec 18, 2018 | Model info | Footnotes

It’s easy to say we don’t care what other people think, but the only way to let the ugly words of others go is to actually not care. How to get there is a matter of how you value yourself, how you think about yourself, in the first place. If you love yourself, truly, deeply love yourself, if you trust and respect your thoughts, then what other people think won’t affect you. People are fickle, partly because they are taught to be that way, to criticize and put people down because they don’t hold themselves in high esteem. Have you ever noticed that the people who are so quick to judge and cut others down are the ones who are judging and cutting themselves down relentlessly? Those who are genuinely confident don’t need to try to make others feel bad, and find their energy better spent bringing people up instead. Cece, today's canvas, is the latter type, and this is a message she firmly believes with her whole being. And those who believe it want to spread the love, to share the beauty of self-love—because in a world where we all love ourselves, we are finally free. Tag a friend who needs to hear this message today, so maybe they’ll be one step closer to the self love club.

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